Humanity is still alive….

Humanity is still alive….

Earlier I  was worried about  humans are just like to pull leg of others peoples who are achieving goal in their career  OR not helping others just on the basis of cast, creed , sex ,language and states etc. This is my thought about life because I have gone through this situation . But  due to covid -19 my assumption went wrong and for that I am so happy .

I saw humanity is still alive in the world, because pandemic situation enter in the world and this  situation changed my mind  about  humanity everyone helping each other without any discrimination, I was totally shocked . What are my ears listening  and eyes   are watching?

Many foundations came forward to help , the government , celebrities and  common people also facilitate those people who need help in this pandemic situation. I don’t want to mention names here for their work, but they really did  admirably.            

Through them I realize that today also Humanity remains, not only in the state but also it exists in the whole world.

Be happy and be  safe. -(By Mamta .E)

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    Good one.

  2. Shweta

    Great thought

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