How does the Monsoon season … makes our life peaceful   ?

How does the Monsoon season … makes our life peaceful ?

We are anxious for monsoon season, after  summer season we are start looking for cool and peace season

Once the  monsoon enters in June automatically a smile comes on our face by looking at small drops of water falling down on the earth . this water wet whole the earth . Through this not only as a human being but also trees and animals feel joyful about the monsoon season . and also that fragrance comes from earth which gives us refreshing feeling

Friends, it’s not necessary that everyone should like the rainy season , there are maybe🤔 some people  who don’t like it  but I am sharing my views with you….😀

I like all season but I LOVE RAINY SEASON 🌧 in this season we start planning for outing with our family or friends to enjoy the environment , Since last two years we all are facing with Covid-19 pandemic situation, between this I saw small small drops coming down from the sky and when I saw that  I  start  running down in my society garden .this drops water turn into heavy rain and its wetted me . I feel very blissful😇 myself. It gives me relief and I feel so joyful.

This season makes me alleviate pain from mentally or physically  too!  I am so overjoyed that I am  living in that  country where all seasons are enter equally .  We should say Thanks  to God for everything , it is OK if nothing is happening fascinating in the life , for that also say THANK YOU to supreme creator.😉

😊Always  be happy and Enjoy the monsoon ——— Author Mamta (evaavi Team )

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